Adding Insulation to Your Home
Helps the
Environment and Your Wallet

Adding Energy Shield helps to lock in temperatures for a more constant and controllable environment.  A home with ineffective or no insulation is like hot coffee in a paper cup. Try to pick it up immediately and the heat travels right through the paper to burn your hand. Set it down for a few minutes and it grows too cold to drink. When it comes to effectively insulating your home to help seal in temperatures, you must consider all three types of heat transfer that allow heat to move between your walls and attic. Those types are convection, conduction, and radiation or emission.

If you are adding insulation, whether it is fiberglass blanket insulation, blow in insulation, or polystyrene foam, but you aren’t using these together with Energy Shield you don’t have the most effective, green solution for your home. Energy Shield is the revolutionary, multilayer, reflective, radiant heat guard that when used with or without traditional insulation provides the most comprehensive protection against heat transfer in the industry.  Ordinary blanket, batt, and blow in insulation have high R-values, but extremely low E-values – measures of emissivity or heat radiation. Emissivity accounts for the most heat transfer in many homes across the country, and Energy Shield reflects 97 percent of all radiant energy it comes in contact with.25% Savings Guaranteed

Adding Energy Shield to your home comes with numerous benefits like:

Lower Energy Bills Do More than
Helps the
Save Your Wallet – They Save the Planet

Insufficient insulation can cost some homeowners thousands of dollars a year, and only a complete insulation solution can provide the level of heat transfer protection needed to significantly lower energy bills. That’s why every green remodeling project should begin with a comprehensive energy audit to determine where your home is losing the most energy and what the best solution will be. Then the types of insulation should be carefully chosen to ensure your home has the optimal protection to result in lower energy bills. 

When selecting insulation, three types of heat transfer need to be considered – conduction, convection, and radiation or radiant heat emission. For protection against conduction and convection, there are fiberglass blankets and batts, and polystyrene and polyurethane spray foams – all great options. When it comes to radiant heat Multi-layered Thermal Reflective Barrier technology is the solution and is the one choice that stands out above all the rest – Energy Shield. Energy Shield is a cut above other radiant foil insulation and helps to dramatically lower energy bills. It’s revolutionary, multilayer, thermal reflective design technology utilizes over a decade of advanced research in radiant heat protection. The cutting edge materials used to make Energy Shield are similar to those used in the protective suits worn by astronauts for an extra layer of defense against the sun which is hundreds of degrees above zero in space and the cold which is hundreds of degrees below zero in space. Only Energy Shield can reflect 97 percent of all heat radiation away from your home. This results in a lower heating bill in the winter and reduced cooling costs in the summer months.

Some homeowners with a comprehensive insulation solution that includes Energy Shield, have experienced lower energy bills totaling savings of more than 50 percent. Savings like that can be a huge boost to your bank account, and let’s not forget that lower energy consumption puts less strain on our planet’s precious resources.

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